Business Analytics Solutions

We help organizations design and deploy analytics to:

  • Automate reporting and reduce manual tasks
  • Enable data-driven decision making
  • Increase transparency and accountability
  • Draw insights to achieve performance objectives
Business intelligence

Define. Measure. Automate.

We help organizations design and deploy analytics that increase transparency and accountability. Using your organization’s business plan as our roadmap, we identify strategic measures before developing an appropriate solution.

Business intelligence

Analytics solutions based on end-user demand

Analytics is a tool kit that helps manage day-to-day business operations and facilitates information sharing amongst stakeholders. The requirements and engagement of your end users are at the core of our solution designs, which range from day-to-day reports to strategic KPIs. We understand the analytics landscape and have experience working with mid to large-sized organizations across a wide range of sectors including industrial goods, manufacturing, retail, and service-based. Our solutions will help provide your company’s management and integral stakeholders with meaningful insights into the short and long-term health of your business.

End-to-end delivery

We support a wide range of projects including business plan development, report automation, and full analytics implementation. All solutions include end-to-end delivery with active management, change management, and training.

We can develop automated dashboards using off-the-shelf Business Intelligence (BI) tools or develop custom dashboards. We also develop Machine Learning models in R, Python and AutoML.

Business intelligence

Our Business Analytics Solutions


Vision and Strategy

  • Objectives Alignment
  • Business Plan Development
  • Vision Communication
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Program Roadmap Development

Strategic KPIs

  • KPI Funnel Development
  • Performance Gap Analysis
  • Functional Specifications
  • Internal and External Benchmark Research
  • Standardization and Governance Planning
Deployment Management

Automated Dashboards

  • Complete Delivery with Power BI, Tableau, Cognos, Other Ready-to-use or Custom Build Solutions
  • ETL Processes using Tools such as SSIS, DataStage, Diyotta, Kinme, R and Python
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Vendor Analysis

Integration and Governance

  • Analytics Training
  • Management Coaching
  • Incentives Alignment
  • Business and Fiscal Cycle Integration
  • Continuous Improvement Plans
  • Data Governance

What Our Clients Have to Say

The complete solution approach from strategy to implementation is critical to ensure a project is created efficiently and used effectively.

The complete solution approach from strategy to implementation is critical to ensure a project is created efficiently and used effectively. My R&D department benefitted by this approach when we introduced metrics to our organization. We worked with Chinkal to identify what we wanted to measure and established the appropriate KPI's. The vision was shared with my team and they were included in the process in order to get their buy in.

The end product resulted in dashboards that could display real time data that helped us identify deficiencies so we could course correct as needed. Chinkal was able to understand our needs and identify the best solution because she was involved from the beginning to the end of the project. Chinkal is co-founder of Mantrax, and the lead project delivery manager. Nick Poulopoulos, Former RD Manager of Barrday Inc.

Nick Poulopoulos, Former RD Manager of Barrday Inc.

Why Choose Mantrax Solutions?

Deployment Management

Select your preferred

Our service is about you and your organization. All Mantrax analytics solutions are based on your company’s current technological environment and future business goals.

Deployment Management

Benefit from full deployment management

To help you effectively navigate your organization’s analytics journey, our KPI and analytics solutions include complete program management services.

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Focus on end
user experience

Throughout the entire design process, we consider end-user buy-in and engagement. Each of our designs includes daily automated operational reports that aid key stakeholders in making effective business decisions.

Custom software development

Mantrax uses the tools
you love

We can help you pick the correct BI tool for your project using a comprehensive selection criteria and our knowledge in this realm. Here is a sample checklist that you can download for free.


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