Modernizing Legacy Software

Lingering legacy software can be a thorn in the side of your business growth and efficiency, holding your team back from reaching their full potential.

We work with businesses and software development teams to take legacy platforms and turn them into modern, functional applications that meet the need of todays market including Mobile, Cloud, IoT, API and Microservices using agile software development processes.

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Modernizing Legacy Software with Agile Methodologies

We're more than a software development team. We're your agile digital transformation partner.

Legacy systems are the backbone of many enterprises but they're holding businesses back from leveraging new digital technologies like mobile, and cloud that are required for creating modern experiences.

Here are some of the steps we have helped clients with in their journey to phasing out aging software and platforms.
Here are some of the steps we have helped clients with in their journey to phasing out aging software and platforms.

Wrap up legacy software in an isolated environment and manage access through APIs. Often this is followed by a plan for a gradual phasing out by reducing access and putting timelines in place.


Choose a modern technology stack that can keep up with your unique challenges and structure your application to handle growth and functionality expansion.


Leverage economies of scale and experience unprecedented scalability and reliability by migrating your business critical applications to cloud.


Don’t let archaic software architecture slow you down. Be it a tiered monolith or microservices, we can make the best recommendations for your use cases.


Rebuilding is sometimes the most sensible way out of technical debt and we can make it an affordable choice.


It is always worth your while to get a second opinion before embarking on a major software project. We will look at your specific situation and provide unbiased options for your app modernization project.


If off-the-shelf software or SaaS offerings meet your requirements,  then we can help facilitate a comprehensive selection process.. We look at various things like technical and functional requirements, as well as external indicators such as market share, Gartner’s Magic Quadrant placement and adoption rate to make these recommendations. 


Are you thinking out of the box or are you stuck in legacy processes and old-fashioned delivery methods? Rejuvenate your users’ experience through fresh thinking and modern offerings.

Legacy Digital Transformation, Customized For You

If your business still relies on legacy systems for important processes, it might be time to update things. At Mantrax, we can help. Our team specializes in cloud migrations, custom enterprise software development, application modernization, and other digital transformation services.

Leveraging usage monitoring and infrastructure setup tools like Terraform and Ansible, we use cloud technology to position you for scalability while our industry-leading business intelligence services help you feed, monitor, and improve your KPI funnels.

The best part? We do this without negatively impacting the daily operations of your company, the journey of your customers, or your short-term profitability.

The Mantrax Software Development Process

  • Discovery

    An initial discussion with one of our seasoned Solution Architects to understand your requirements, urgency of the problem and long term goals.

  • Assessment

    We perform a detailed assessment of your current system to understand the pain points and your dependency on them. This will enable us to come up with an optimal project plan for the application modernization process. During our assessment phase we will identify and document mission-critical business processes to make sure we don’t overlook any

  • Statement of Work

    When you’re confident with the high level recommendation, we create a detailed statement of work outlining the granular and prioritized functional requirements, solution design and technology stack recommendations, project plan and other critical components of the project.

  • Project Setup

    At the start of the project, a dedicated team is assigned to your project, including a single point of contact that will work with you to coordinate all discussions, questions and deliverables. We provide you with access to project management tools, code repository and all the other tools we use so you have full visibility

  • Agile Development

    Our software development process strictly follows the Agile Methodology. We believe that a good software system is a result of excellent development practices coupled with continuous collaboration between us and the client. We thrive to deliver working software every two weeks (we call these two weeks a ‘sprint’). You have full visibility to the progress

  • Launch

    We work hand-in-hand with you to launch your new digital product, including a pilot launch before the full application is released to ensure all critical bugs are identified and fixed.

  • Transition

    With our Build, Operate and Transition model, our goal is to fully transition the system to the client’s team. If required, our team is available to provide the necessary post-launch support.

Your Team, Committed to Your Success

All Solutions are White Label solutions.
You own 100% the code developed for your business.

Our team has scalability and practicality in mind. Our modular approach allows us to test ideas and then scale as we grow.
App development starts with great UX and interface design.
We ensure your needs and those of your customers are thoroughly addressed.
More than 80% of website traffic is mobile traffic. Our solutions come with a deep understanding of mobile performance factors.

Our work is further supported by an industry-leading 100% agile software development process...

The Mantrax Agile Development Process

Agile Development Process
Agile Development Process

Mantrax Software Solutions, a Toronto-based software company, provides custom software development solutions for financial, healthcare, real estate and other industries. Book an appointment to discuss the advantages of a local custom development partner.


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We stand behind our work with our industry-leading ONE-YEAR warranty. We provide you with unlimited bug fixes for anything we’ve built to support your business goals. Our rigorous test-driven approach ensures your software solution will meet your performance requirements.

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