Digital Transformation


Digital transformations require the engagement of companywide stakeholders, from leadership to front-line operations. Navigating digital transformation vision while delivering on day-to-day operational activities requires meticulous planning and a variety of tools to harness the engagement of diverse stakeholders.

At Mantrax, our consultants combine functional expertise with a custom project delivery approach tailored to the client's requirements to help drive digital transformations to completion.

Digital Transformation Services

Strategic Advisory

The first step toward successful digital transformation is understanding your current situation and how it stacks up to your competitors.

Our digital transformation consultants are available for assessment workshops, plan evaluations, and end-to-end strategy implementation.


Enterprise Resource Planning software allows organizations to compile and automate a wide variety of important business data into one user-friendly local or cloud-based system.

The benefits of this technology are self-evident, but implementation can be complex. Our consultants help mid-market manufacturers streamline and simplify the process.

ERP Upgrades

An ERP system might be essential for remaining competitive in today’s fast-paced business environment, but that doesn’t mean that all implementations are created equal.

In a recently completed ERP re-implementation project, we were able to help one of our clients save over $200,000 per year in annual operating expenses. Find out what we can do for you today!

Tech Consolidation

As a business owner, technology is supposed to make your life easier. When you are dealing with a multitude of different platforms and systems on a daily basis, it can have the opposite effect.

Our consultants help mid-sized organizations like yours consolidate your redundant and/or outdated tech to boost efficiency, ease of use, and productivity.

Vendor Assessment

One of the most difficult aspects of digital transformation is identifying the right technology for your needs.

Not only do our consultants help you assess various ERP and SaaS vendors to evaluate the fit with your current project workflows and long-term operational need, but we’ll also help you implement and manage the solution too.

By the Numbers

Mantrax recently helped a manufacturing sector client re-implement their outdated IFS ERP system and unlock $200k+ in annual savings.

Working with a manufacturing client in [location], we oversaw the successful re-implementation of a formerly ineffective ERP system.
Prior to our involvement, the client was only utilizing 50% of the purchased IFS functionality and ~50% of the implemented customizations. This led to significant downtime and resistance to taking on new initiatives. We were hired to reverse these trends.

Our Results:

  • Eliminated All Core Code Customizations
  • Updated IFS APPS 8 to IFS APPS 10
  • Reduced Project Resource Allocation by 50%
  • Avoided Disrupting Client’s Day-to-Day Operations
  • Saved Client Over $200k in Annual Operating Expenses

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