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Our proven approach and 20+ years of industry experience across digital transformation, change management, and mid-market advisory services allow you to focus on your day-to-day priorities while we accelerate your strategic projects. On average we help our clients reduce project timelines by 50% and reduce project budgets by 2-3x. 

  • Deliver complex companywide projects on time and on budget
  • Profitability meets your project's strategic outcomes
  • Gain employee buy-in and eliminate project and team fatigue

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Tech innovation has disrupted the manufacturing game – has your business kept pace with the changes?

Delivering on quality, competitive pricing, and excellent client management are still important, however, these tried-and-true principles are only part of the equation. On-time delivery of strategic vision is important to propel an organization forward. 

If you are a manufacturing organization:

  • With stagnant or derailed business or digital transformation projects 
  • Transitioning through growth, restructuring, or realignment
  • Upgrading or looking to implement or optimize new ERP systems
  • Without a strategic continuous improvement plan 
  • Lagging behind on profitability compared to industry or internal benchmarks
  • Navigating through complex and companywide change management

To successfully take on complex companywide projects in the 2020s, such as the implementation of ERP systems, creating a culture of analytics, adopting new technology, or executing change management requires deep cross-functional expertise and process-driven methodology.  

Unfortunately, strategic projects and digital transformation can get complicated. Changing how you run your business without disrupting your service delivery is a delicate balancing act. At Mantrax, our consultants specialize in simplifying and streamlining the process – discover what we can do for your team today.

What We Do

Custom Development

Strategic Advisory

Get guided help creating a winning roadmap for the future of your

Website Design

Digital Transformation &
ERP Implementation

Give your team access to the tools and technologies required to

Web Design Services

Restructuring &

Take steps towards sustainable,
long-term growth and

Web Design Services


Get expert help righting the ship and putting your team on the path to profitability.



Turn complex data into strategic KPI funnels, dashboards, and

Custom Development


Discover what 20+ years of expertise can do for your efficiency
and ROI.

Leverage 20+ years of
project delivery experience

With 20+ years of high-level experience in the manufacturing sector, company co-founder and principal management consultant Chinkal Patel has helped countless Canadian and international manufacturing firms improve their efficiency, operational flexibility, and profitability through the on-time delivery of complex projects.

We can help! We focus on helping manufacturing organizations propel strategic projects forward without impacting your day-to-day revenue-generating operations.

Our Process


    Meet with a Mantrax consultant to discuss your organization’s current situation and the scope of your upcoming project.


    We’ll take a deep dive into your operations and finances to understand a) exactly what you need done and b) what we can do to provide it for you.


    To ensure that your vision for the future is aligned with our findings, we’ll consult directly with business owners, managers, and other key stakeholders.


    We analyze the project dynamics and develop a custom roadmap geared towards the successful, on-time, and under-budget delivery of your project.


    Collaborating with Mantrax on digital transformation and other key projects can reduce expenses, speed up implementation, and boost ROI by up to 50%.

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Case Studies

On average, Mantrax cuts project timelines by 50% while reducing budgets by 2-3x.

$200k+ annual savings by leveraging
standard ERP functionality

Working with a manufacturing client in Canada and the USA, we oversaw the successful re-implementation of a formerly ineffective ERP system.

Prior to our involvement, the client was only utilizing 50% of the purchased IFS functionality and ~50% of the implemented customizations. This led to significant downtime and resistance to taking on new initiatives. We were hired to reverse these trends.

Our Results:

  • Eliminated All ERP Vendor Controlled Core Code Customizations
  • Updated IFS APPS 8 to IFS APPS 10
  • Streamlined Process to Standard ERP Functionality and Best Practices
  • Avoided Disrupting Client’s Day-to-Day Operations
  • Saved Client Over $200k in Annual Operating Expenses

Learn more about the project below

Reduce disruptions when undergoing
Plant Realignment

Recently, Mantrax was tasked with helping an industrial manufacturing client close down their Canadian plant and successfully transfer key manufacturing assets and product lines to multiple operating facilities.

Mantrax’s assigned duties included strategizing and organizing change management, setting up a Project Management Office, and actively supporting all transitional activities.

Our Results:

  • Turned High-Level Objectives into a Workable Action Plan
  • Delivered 100% of the Plans Goals & Objectives
  • Successfully Set Up a Project Management Office
  • Oversaw Streamlined, Well-Organized Plant Realignment
  • Achieved Results within the Client's Timeframe and Budget

Check out the project details below.

Turn Business Intelligence into a
competitive advantage

Over the past 20+ years, Mantrax has helped dozens of mid-market manufacturing clients maximize the value of their business intelligence data and reporting capabilities.

From streamlined BI processes and cross-functional KPI funnels to the successful integration of automated dashboards and other tech tools, our industry-leading consultants know what it takes to use BI to create a competitive edge for your business.

Past Deliverables & Results:

  • Created a self-service BI solution automated with Power BI and Tableau
  • Developed an automated KPI funnel with 85 measurements (20 primary and 65 supporting measurements) for a manufacturing client
  • Set up multi-tier automated sales analytics for a large chemical manufacturer

Discover what BI can do for your business today.

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Hear From Our Clients

Lori Webber – Director of Finance, Barrday

"Mantrax was instrumental in our ability to go live with our system implementation on time and on budget. Mantrax immersed themselves in the process, and had a phenomenal understanding of the issues we were facing and the personalities of those individuals involved (more…)

Tony Fiorenzini – President, Barrday

"Mantrax brings big-consulting firm methodology and experience at a fraction of the cost compared to larger advisory firms. They are our go to resource for large scale, companywide project management needs. Mantrax brings cross-functional expertise that is ideal for global programs such as analytics, (more…)

Anne Verstraete – Former CFO, Barrday

"Chinkal’s unique combination of skills, experience and education with roots in a variety of disciplines positions her well to provide a service offering that helps an organization take their strategy from the skybox to the playing field. In working with Chinkal on a company realignment, (more…)

Chris Green – Senior Director and General Manager, IronMountain Solutions

"Chinkal and I worked together on challenging management consulting engagements. Chinkal is a very hardworking, analytical, and creative executive that partners with her clients to engineer solutions to big challenges. (more…)

Simplify Complexities & Streamline Change

As your consultants, we go above and beyond to deliver high-ROI results that lead to the success of your short-term projects and your long-term outlook.

From digital transformation and ERP implementations to business intelligence and change management, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the manufacturing sector here in Ontario and throughout North America.

Ready to find out what Mantrax can do for you? Schedule a free discovery call today to start exploring your options.

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Everything we do at Mantrax is geared toward your success. From day one, we work towards your organizational vision for the future while ensuring that you are able to maintain (and improve) daily operations.

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