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We combine entrepreneurial energy and consulting mindset with 20+ years of cross-functional experience in manufacturing to deliver a customized transformation experience while meeting budget, on-time delivery, and set objectives. Our approach is centered on minimizing unwanted disruptions to business operations, so manufacturing organizations can focus on profitability and growth in parallel to running day-to-day operations.

Our Services

Digital Transformation

In the manufacturing industry, outdated or inefficient technology doesn’t just impact the speed of production…it impacts your entire bottom line.

We provide client-side project advisory services for implementing ERP systems, leveraging analytical data, and harnessing the transformative power of Business Intelligence you’ve come to the right place.

With decades of experience operating at the intersection of manufacturing, project management, and tech deployment, our consultants are recognized industry-wide for their sector-specific ability to simplify and streamline digital transformation for mid-market manufacturing companies.

• ERP Implementation or Upgrade
• Tech Consolidation
• Vendor Assessment

Strategic Advisory

When it comes to consulting, a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works, yet the vast majority of firms focus on start-ups or Fortune 500 behemoths.

We launched Mantrax to provide premium-quality, enterprise-level solutions to underserved mid-market manufacturing companies operating in Ontario, across Canada, and throughout North America.

Whether you need outsourced COO feedback on a specific project or plan or decision support during the launch of a new initiative, our experienced consultants are here to help ensure that your vision, objective, capabilities, and strategies are all in perfect alignment.

• Project Roadmap Planning
• Digitization Roadmap Planning
• Strategic Action Planning

Project Management

In manufacturing, the difference between a successful project and a waste of resources can sometimes be razor-thin.

As your outsourced or interim project management consultant, Mantrax will help ensure that you remain on track to hit your strategic targets and project completion goals. Some of our key capabilities include:

• Strategic and Tactical Planning
• End-to-end Project Delivery
• Project Consultation
• Reporting and Governance
• Strategic Advisory
• Interim Management

Business Transformation

One of the key factors in your business's long-term profitability is your ability to deftly navigate short-term change.

From plant closures and relocations to department restructuring and personnel changes, we help clients maximize flexibility and minimize downtime during stress-inducing business transformation. Specific areas of expertise include:

• Department or Business Unit Effectiveness
• Restructuring and Integration Management
• Change Management and Communication

Organizational Effectiveness

The first step towards reaching your goals is maximizing the value of the resources currently at your disposal.

On a project-specific or general basis, Mantrax consultants can help your team achieve peak organizational effectiveness by accurately measuring the performance of your business units, assets, and growth strategy against their potential.

• Cost-benefit Analysis
• Business Unit or Asset Optimization
• Growth Strategy
• Market Research

Analytical Solutions

When looking for an edge over the competition, data analytics is possibly the most powerful tool at your disposal.

The rapid and unprecedented rise in technology has created a two-tiered manufacturing sector, with those who understand analytics at the top. At Mantrax, our consultants help you unlock the full value of your data.

• Measurements Vision and Objectives
• Strategic KPI funnel development
• Automated Dashboards
• Integration and Governance

Service Delivery Models

Project Success Blueprint

Looking for expert guidance delivered through a pre-determined number of advisory sessions? Through our project-specific
assessment workshops, one consultant will meet with your team to help facilitate the speedy,
cost-effective turnaround of existing projects or help you launch new ones.

  • STEP 1


    Your share information on your planned or current initiative

  • STEP 2


    We review and learn about the organization to customize your project success path

  • STEP 3


    We look to understand processes, tools and resources in place or available to support the project

  • STEP 4


    We conduct analysis, extract key insights and stress test current project trajectory against the project goal

  • STEP 5

    ROI Path

    We outline your path to decrease project timelines and expenses and increase ROI by 50% or more

Hybrid Success Plan

This hybrid strategic consulting delivery model is perfect for projects with a rough plan or outline that is lacking a tactical action plan. We’ll help you turn your vision for success into an actionable strategy. All the services in Advisory, plus guided
project advisory with tactical support on project setup, governance, and coaching. Specifically:

1. Vision & Objectives Alignment

Assessment of Project Scope, Resources and Budget

2. Project Governance

Set up and run Project Management Office, including hosting weekly project review meetings by workstreams, running Steering Committee meetings to help track progress against objectives, and providing tactical project implementation support.


3. Workstream Coaching

Weekly touch points with key work streams or team members to help track progress against objectives and critical milestones.

4. Proactive & Strategic Project Governance Against Objectives

Weekly leadership coaching by a Mantrax Partner to help identify key issues and risks proactively, and any conflicts are addressed with transparency.

End-to-End Project Implementation

Starting with your high-level objectives, we help you design and manage the full project from start to finish, including a robust transition plan, so your organization can continue with optimization and later phases of the project.

  • All the services of the Hybrid Success Plan plus tactical and proactive implementation by two full-time Mantrax Project Team Members, and up to 20 hrs/week of Partner Time.
  • Proactive, day-to-day project advisory with tactical implementation support. Typical: end-to-end delivery includes:


    Assessment of Project Scope, Resources and Budget


    Set up core team, Steering Committee, Project Management Tool, and Regular Communication/Reporting Cadence


    Daily/weekly touch points with key work streams or team members


    If external vendors are required, we work with the client team to assess vendors, onboard them and manage their effectiveness


    Our team works hand-in-hand with client resources to support project deliverables


    We facilitate conversations to ensure the full team identifies key issues and risks proactively and any conflicts are addressed with transparency


    We coach the client team throughout the project on tools, processes and governance to ensure subsequent project phases can be managed by the client. From the start, we structure the project with focus on coaching, elevating and empowering internal resources to successfully manage the project through next phases by adopting best practices and tools. We

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