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We help mid-market industrial manufacturers deliver complex, companywide projects on time and on budget to meet objectives.

A Solid Strategy with End-to-End Delivery

With a focus on results, we help organizations strategize and implement their business objectives. Managing growth opportunities, improving profitability, and implementing restructuring or transformative initiatives is easy when you partner with our team. Our custom solutions and strategic plans transform organizations and propel businesses forward.

Add capacity and capability to your team

Profitability improvements, business transformations, and growth initiatives often impact cross-functional groups across business units and geography. While large strategic initiatives can help propel an organization forward, they also bring short term resource capability and capacity challenges. This is where Mantrax can help. Our team specializes in executing large, company wide programs by leveraging proven methodologies.

Our services are tailored to fill capacity and capability gaps based on the unique requirements of our client. We provide experienced resources, project management services and interim management services to help organizations accomplish strategic programs. We act as part of the client’s team and work hand-in-hand with our client’s leadership team and functional resources to execute tasks. At the same time, as an external party, we can add new perspectives to ensure the team is resourced with the right skillset, perspectives, and set up to succeed at achievable milestones.

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Mobile app development

Achieve on time project delivery

We leverage years of hands-on project execution experience to design customized plans to meet our client's requirements. We combine strategic planning capabilities with active day-to-day project management to help deliver projects from design to completion.

Successful execution depends on active management of critical path, continuous refinement of plans and risk mitigation. We achieve success by building transparent and collaborative partnerships with our clients to ensure each project is delivered to objectives, and on time.

Simplify complex implementations

We specialize in simplifying complex projects. We start by understanding the complete project scope and then divide the scope into manageable chunks of work. We then focus on identifying the appropriate project team. Once a project team is in place we put relentless focus on empowering the team to succeed with tools, techniques and resources.

For large global projects, we focus on developing a cadence for each work stream to align project management style and resources to match the preferences and experience of the team members. Multiple work streams are aligned through frequent interactions with a centralized team to ensure all the pieces merge together in harmony at the end and on time.

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Accelerate strategic projects without the chaos

Understandably, the day to day operations and commercial priorities are at the top of an organization's agenda and occupy the bulk of the business resources. As a result, often, new initiatives end up competing with short term commercial commitments and lead to chaos. This is a common challenge for organizations and a gap Mantrax helps address for many of our clients.

At Mantrax, we focus on helping B2B businesses propel large programs that are critical for long term success by developing programs with our client’s leadership team. We bring cross-functional and industry expertise to help drive new initiatives and transformative programs while tailoring the engagement of the leadership team based on availability, set decision cadence, engagement preferences and project resourcing.

Our Management Consulting Services

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  • Cost-benefit Analysis
  • Business Unit or Asset Optimization
  • Growth Strategy
  • Market Research
Web Design Services

Project and Program Management

  • Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • End-to-end Project Delivery
  • Project Consultation
  • Reporting and Governance
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  • Organizational Design
  • Restructuring and Integration Management
  • Change Management and Communication
  • Interim Management
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  • ERP Implementation or Upgrade Management
  • Technology Consolidation
  • Vendor Assessment
  • RFP Process Management

What Our Clients Have to Say

"Chinkal and I worked together on challenging management consulting engagements. Chinkal is a very hardworking, analytical, and creative executive that partners with her clients to engineer solutions to big challenges. She is always willing to put in the extra work to get things right for her clients and make sure they are satisfied. She is already really fun to work with too. She is a great teammate that I would like to work with again!"

Chris Green, Director Secure-ITAD at Iron Mountain (Formerly Deloitte)

"Chinkal’s unique combination of skills, experience and education with roots in a variety of disciplines positions her well to provide a service offering that helps an organization take their strategy from the skybox to the playing field. In working with Chinkal on a company realignment, she was able to take a high-level strategic directive and seamlessly manage the project navigating diverse stakeholders, assessing and monitoring risks and diving into details to put in processes to keep teams accountable and achieve the desired project outcomes on a timely basis."

Anne Verstraete, Senior Financial & Administrative Executive (Formerly CFO, Barrday, Inc.)

Why Choose Mantrax Solutions?

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Add objectivity and new perspectives

We bring unbiased and cross-functional expertise to help your organization explore optimal solutions.

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Benefit from a fully customized approach

We combine our experience with specific project requirements to design a robust project plan that will be effective for your organization.

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Stay informed from start to finish

We thrive on collaboration, hands-on approach and transparency throughout project delivery.

business analytics solutions

Experience on time delivery

Our services are delivered on schedule, while managing stakeholder experience and without ever compromising quality.

Let's get started!

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