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Manufacturing Insights – Project Management Experience – Tech Expertise.

Strategic implementations can be complicated. We focus on simplifying complexity and creating clear action plans.

Since 2017, Mantrax consultants have helped mid-market clients throughout Ontario and across North America turn complex, high-level objectives into streamlined, high-ROI action plans. Operating primarily at the intersection of manufacturing, technology, and project management, we prioritize collaborations with established, mid-market organizations. There is no shortage of consulting firms that focus on recent start-ups and massive conglomerates – we aim to help the underserved businesses in the middle.

In addition to the manufacturing sector, we also project management and digital transformation solutions for clients in tech, financial services, and retail.

What We Do

Custom Development

Strategic Advisory

Get guided help creating a winning roadmap for the future of your

Website Design

Digital Transformation &
ERP Implementation

Give your team access to the tools and technologies required to

Web Design Services

Restructuring &

Take steps towards sustainable,
long-term growth and

Web Design Services


Get expert help righting the ship and putting your team on the path to profitability.



Turn complex data into strategic KPI funnels, dashboards, and

Custom Development


Discover what 20+ years of expertise can do for your efficiency
and ROI.

Our Story

Prior to launching Mantrax, company co-founder and Principal Management Consultant Chinkal Patel spent 18 years delivering large-scale projects across cross-functional groups for mid-marketing manufacturing organizations and for large Fortune 500 companies through a global management consulting leader. Working primarily with manufacturing companies, she realized that the market lacked a suitable, specialized option for the types of small and mid-sized operations she consulted for.

Through Mantrax, Chinkal and her team are able to streamline the availability and accessibility of cutting-edge strategic insights, project management assistance, and tactical support for these businesses.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We are committed to providing mid-market manufacturing businesses access to the innovative tools and strategies required to remain competitive today and for years to come.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We envision a world where our work makes expert-level project management, strategic development, and digital transformation support widely available throughout the North American manufacturing sector.

Our Advantage

Tech Leadership

Established Tech

In addition to our consulting wing, Mantrax also operates Mantrax Solutions – a company specializing in the development and implementation of innovative BI and ERP technologies.

Sector Specific


With decades of experience collaborating directly with clients in the manufacturing industry, we have unique insights into the sector. More importantly, we know what it takes to launch initiatives that get results.

High-ROI Results

Track Record of High-ROI

At the end of the day, your consulting firm should be able to highlight the ways that they can contribute to your operational improvements and long-term financial success. We back up our claims with concrete data.

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Working with big and midmarket manufacturing
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