Mantrax helps small and mid-market industrial manufacturers to deliver complex, companywide and cross-functional projects on time, on budget and to objectives. On average we help our clients reduce project timelines by 50% and reduce project budgets by 2x to 3x, while eliminating project and team fatigue. 

If change is required to growing your business, maintaining your competitive advantage or  improve efficiency,  Mantrax is the best solution provider to engage.

Before your projects become to big and unwieldly, make sure you understand what options you have and how best to move forward. Mantrax provides multi-disciplinary, cross-functional expertise necessary to deliver projects effectively and efficiently, saving you time, money and distractions. Mantrax allows you to focus on your business, while having the peace of mind that the changes you are making are fully under control.

Mantrax's Co-Founder and Principal Management Consultant, Chinkal Patel, has over 18 years experience driving change in the manufacturing sector with clients across North America.

Prior to Mantrax, Chinkal worked for a global management consulting leader delivering cutting-edge manufacturing solutions. Chinkal is passionate about using this past experience and knowledge to help small to medium sized manufacturers succeed.  The difference now is that she can better integrate with her clients, provide tactical solutions, and ensure project benefits are fully realized.

Chinkal Patel

Chinkal Patel
Co-Founder & Principal Management Consultant

Maria Handley – Director, Motion Cares

“I worked with Chinkal for several months when my company was merged with another. We had a tight timetable to establish strategy, business process and account distribution and optimization. Chinkal was instrumental in keeping us focused and on track to be ready for the transition. Her exceptional analytical skills helped us to develop and execute a robust plan and supporting materials. (more…)

Lori Webber – Director of Finance, Barrday

"Mantrax was instrumental in our ability to go live with our system implementation on time and on budget. Mantrax immersed themselves in the process, and had a phenomenal understanding of the issues we were facing and the personalities of those individuals involved (more…)

Tony Fiorenzini – President, Barrday

"Mantrax brings big-consulting firm methodology and experience at a fraction of the cost compared to larger advisory firms. They are our go to resource for large scale, companywide project management needs. Mantrax brings cross-functional expertise that is ideal for global programs such as analytics, (more…)

Anne Verstraete – Former CFO, Barrday

"Chinkal’s unique combination of skills, experience and education with roots in a variety of disciplines positions her well to provide a service offering that helps an organization take their strategy from the skybox to the playing field. In working with Chinkal on a company realignment, (more…)

Chris Green – Senior Director and General Manager, IronMountain Solutions

"Chinkal and I worked together on challenging management consulting engagements. Chinkal is a very hardworking, analytical, and creative executive that partners with her clients to engineer solutions to big challenges. (more…)

Do you struggle to find the resources needed to work on transformational projects to achieve your business goals?


Your company does not have the bandwidth for additional work without sacrificing the companies current results.


It's a challenge to balance operational priorities and strategic transformations vital to improve profitability.


Your require an unbiased expert to research and analyze solutions that align with your business goals.

Company-wide change management is necessary. However, concerns related to disruptions, resource constraints, and the daily revenue generating activities prevent you from taking the next step.


Learn how Mantrax can help execute change without unwanted disruption.

We Help Simplify The Complex

We start by understanding the complete project scope and then divide the scope into manageable workstreams. We align project management style and resources to match the preferences and experience of the team.



Combining industry practices with our delivery experience and the requirements of the organization to design a project strategy and a process that will deliver results.



We provide experienced resources, project management services and interim management services to help organizations accomplish strategic programs.



We identifying the appropriate project team. Once a project team is in place we empower the team to succeed with tools, techniques and resources.




We tailor the engagement of the stakeholders based on availability, set decision cadence, engagement preferences and project resourcing.

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