“As a lawyer practicing in Ontario, since 2016, I have been trying to develop a CRM for my practice and, if possible, to be used by other lawyers too. I have contacted several developer in and outside Canada and worked with three different developers. My experience with all the three previous developers was not good at all and I had given up as I came to conclusion that there was no way for these people could complete and deploy my project within the time/budget constraints. As last (and final) try, I tried Mantrax Solutions and they have been working on my project since October 2021. Without any exaggeration, all of the work they so far completed has been to my complete satisfaction – all of sprints were completed on time as planned and deployed successfully one time. I wish I had met them in 2016 so I did not have to waste my time and money (and face so much frustration) with the other three developers. Excellent job Mantrax Solution!… Please keep up!….