Training, Service and Support

Our commitment to training runs deep within our implementation strategy. Right from the project’s inception, we immerse the Project Team in our collaborative project team model and agile development process. Our training arsenal is as diverse as your requirements. We align our methods with the profiles of your end users, ensuring maximum impact. As we present these options, a collaborative journey unfolds, culminating in the selection of the optimal training protocol prior to the Pilot Launch.

Intuitive and Seamless User Interface/User Experience

Striving for excellence, we sculpt a contemporary customer journey for your end-users. By prioritizing an exceptional user interface design, we empower end-users to seamlessly navigate the system, minimizing the need for extensive training.

Instructional / Explainer Videos

Our instructional videos become beacons of guidance, leading users through account creation and essential tasks. As these videos unfold, they extend a helping hand to your expansive user base, offering a cost-effective means of mastering application navigation.

Training Sessions

Anticipating your Pilot release and full Launch, we orchestrate a series of training sessions, curated to acclimate end users to the application’s prowess. Whether conducted online or in person, these sessions impart familiarity and confidence.

User Guides

Within the application’s embrace, we integrate essential navigational aids. Suggested next steps, a comprehensive help center and an FAQ section harmonize to guide users through any challenges.

Subject Matter Experts / Super Users

As the Pilot Release takes flight, we equip Super Users with comprehensive training. These experts become bridges, proficiently helping fellow users and newcomers alike.

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As your business embarks on its innovation journey, the selection of a development partner becomes pivotal. Mantrax’s Development Boosting services aren’t just about delivering solutions; they encompass a comprehensive approach that encapsulates empowerment, collaboration, and transformative growth. Our embrace of Agile methodology ignites project acceleration, our dedication to white-label solutions ensures brand continuity, and our reservoir of expertise enriches your in-house capabilities.

Our services empower your team, expedite timelines, and foster a culture of agile collaboration. Together, let’s harness the potential of innovation, redefine the possibilities, and craft a new narrative of success on your business’s voyage. Book a Discovery Call today to get started.