Quality Assurance Process

At every juncture of your project’s evolution, quality reigns supreme. Elevate your product’s potential with a quality assurance process that embodies excellence, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to your vision. Join us on a transformative journey toward a future of precision and performance.

Approval of Wireframes

As the design phase unfolds, a pivotal milestone emerges – the wireframe validation. Before the development engines roar to life, our experts meticulously review wireframes, validating all functionalities. This inaugural checkpoint marks the initiation of our robust quality assurance program.

New Functionality Released Throughout the Agile Development Process

Our development journey echoes the agile rhythm, where innovation is a constant. With each development cycle’s closure, Project Team Members gain exclusive access to freshly minted functionalities. This iterative approach propels your project forward while maintaining a focus on quality.

Code Review

The Quality Assurance Analyst takes the reins, crafting bespoke test matrices for each approved functionality. These matrices serve as blueprints for a comprehensive testing regimen. By sharing these matrices with the project team, we ensure that every critical feature undergoes rigorous fault tolerance testing.

User Acceptance Testing

Core project team members orchestrate code reviews at each agile sprint’s culmination. This orchestration ensures not only consistency across development resources but also the seamless integration of project guidelines and business rules.

Before the final launch, our project team navigates a meticulous User Acceptance Testing (UAT) protocol. Armed with detailed test scripts, team members orchestrate the UAT, typically managed within a single agile Sprint (spanning two weeks). This precise endeavour optimizes functionality while addressing a prioritized backlog.

The final UAT resonates with insights, cataloged in our “Backlog.” These insights drive evolution, prioritized with precision:

  • Bug Fixes (“Hot Fixes”): Addressing critical concerns before the launch curtain rises
  • Post Launch Optimization: Sculpting perfection post-launch
  • Future Product Development Backlog

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