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Mantrax is a software solutions company specializing in custom app and software development services for brands, organizations, and startups. We can help you with everything from legacy software modernization and AI enablement to minimal viable product development (MVP) or full-stack development for mobile applications, membership portals, e-commerce solutions, and more.

Whether you’re looking for a dedicated, full-service team ready to work in tandem with your in-house experts or outsourced collaborators eager to amplify your team’s expertise by providing a global perspective and out-of-the-box thinking – Mantrax is the software development company you want by your side.

Let’s work together to make your business grow!


Software Developers


Part of your Team


Software Developers


Part of your Team

Spending Too Much Time and Money on Software Development?

Let us know if this rings a bell.

While you initially had a great relationship with your current software development company; lately, they’ve become complacent. When you ask for feature updates, they’re either late or non-existent, and bugs that are taking a huge bite out of your employees’ productivity always seem to be someone else’s responsibility. When development does happen, poor estimating and missed deadlines create cost overruns that place you and your business under financial stress.

And yet their invoices always seem to arrive on time …

At Mantrax – unlike many other software companies in Canada – we don’t allow ourselves to get complacent. Like you, we know our success as an app development company depends on delivering value to our customers, not just today but every day.

Our software engineers and coders stay up to date on the latest technologies and trends in the industry and sharpen their skills by working on a wide breadth of projects that challenge them to prove their resourcefulness.

Want to see some of the topics and trends currently catching our eye? Check our engineering blog for a selection of articles and videos.

Ready to Digitize Your Business, but Don’t Know Where to Begin?

Without digital solutions, your business is at a competitive disadvantage, undoubtedly costing you customers and revenue.

By transforming business services into scalable, marketable and profitable products, companies can increase efficiency, keep up with evolving customer demands and unlock new revenue opportunities.

However, going from idea to prototype to working application requires a lot more than just cutting-edge coding. To help you turn your ideas into a real product at a reasonable cost, you’ll need a software development company that’s as experienced in strategic thinking and project management as it is in UX and end-to-end engineering and who’s committed to both the testing and continuous improvement that results in a product that delights both your target market AND your accounting department.

Mantrax is that app development company.
And our obligation doesn’t end at launch. At Mantrax, we’ll stand with you, provide post-launch maintenance and support, and ensure your project evolves to meet changing consumer and technology demands so you stay ahead of the pack. 

 If You Believe Trust is the Foundation of Every Great Partnership, Work with Mantrax – One of the Most Experienced and Innovative Software Companies in Canada – to Develop Your Next Custom Software Project.

We’ll earn your trust by taking the time to understand your business before we recommend a single solution or service. Once you’re confident we do, we’ll quickly turn our conversations into cost-effective proposals with realistic timelines. Our process is structured to align everyone’s expectations before we begin, and we’ll continue to revisit our initial assumptions and SOW throughout the project. Not only can you count on knowing what’s happening at every stage of development, but you’ll also be intimately involved, offering feedback and suggestions and co-creating with us every step of the way.

Ready to get Canada’s leading custom software development company working for you?


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We Are Experts in the World’s Most Popular Languages and Platforms

Complete Development Solutions

Take full advantage of our software development services and technology solutions whether you bring one of our dedicated product teams on board or just augment your resources with outsourced excellence.

Working with Mantrax, you can launch innovative digital products faster. But we’re also here to help you rethink your IT strategy by embracing disruptive user-centric design that helps users switch from autopilot to interested and engaged and adopting software architectural patterns that are easily maintained, flexible, and ready to be scaled up (or down) as needed.

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Backend Development

Database Development

Cloud Solutions

What to Expect When You Partner With Us

Looking for a software development company that can help you excel in today’s competitive market?

As one of the leading software companies in Canada, Mantrax makes it our business to supply custom software development solutions that are a cut above the rest. We offer a comprehensive range of full-stack services tailored to the dynamic digital landscape, project management proficiency that ensures a streamlined development process, and team integration strategies that foster seamless collaboration for heightened creativity and innovation.

Our diverse expertise empowers us to create bespoke solutions that cater to your unique requirements and deliver an unparalleled user experience across both web and mobile platforms.

We master the eight most popular programming languages for web and mobile application development, including JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, PHP, Ruby, Swift, and Kotlin.

Partner with us for all your custom software development needs, and benefit from a software development company with advanced strategy and coding capabilities, plus transparent communication and project management processes to back them up.

Speed to Market

Build your application fast. We use an Agile development process. You see a shippable product every 2 weeks and can make changes each cycle. You can attend each end-of-sprint demo.

Built for Humans

A Flawless Customer Experience. App development starts with great UX and interface design. We ensure your needs and those of your customers are thoroughly addressed.

Mobile First

Mobile 1st Design. More than 80% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. We develop our mobile software with a deep understanding of all the factors that affect mobile performance.

Cost Effective

Talented developers producing shippable code every day allow us to minimize the learning curve and maximize quality. This means projects are done on time and on budget.


Our team has scalability and practicality in mind. Our modular approach allows you to test your idea and then scale as you grow. Our expert team helps you choose the right tech to get the highest ROI.


Access experienced developers with your budget on your terms. You will be at ease with our reliable, high-performing software based on our engineering, principles, testing, and QA.

What our Clients are Saying About Working With Us

You Have Ideas
Let’s Make Them Happen!

The choice of software development partner can mean the difference between a project that thrives or barely survives.

Don’t accept second best – partner with a leading software development company whose expertise extends far beyond conventional outsourcing.

Agile Methodology

We break down your project into manageable sprints, each culminating in a demonstrable outcome. This iterative approach accelerates development and ensures our software solution evolves in lockstep with your ever-evolving business requirements.

White-Label Brilliance

Every line of code we meticulously craft seamlessly integrates with your brand, fostering a cohesive user experience that resonates deeply with your target audience. Our solutions are yours. You own each line of code from every project.

Sculpted Software Solutions Based On Sound Strategy And Scalable Software Architecture Patterns, PLUS Proven Project Management + Communication Processes

Unlike many software companies in Canada, Mantrax’s software development process goes well beyond mere engineering and coding. We work to discover and define what success looks like to you, make sure your project is set up correctly with a well-defined scope and a comprehensive statement of work, and then co-manage the critical path together to deliver a software solution that resonates impeccably with your expectations, arrives on time, on budget and ready for launch.


Count on Mantrax For Your Software Development Needs


Feel Confident with Our Best-in-Class Warranty

We’re a software and app development company that’s ready to stand behind our work, and we provide an industry-leading ONE-YEAR warranty to prove it. Our rigorous test-driven approach is designed to support your business goals and ensure your software performs at the highest level. However, should a bug or two develop, we’ll deliver unlimited fixes for an entire year.

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