Tailored Custom Software Development Solutions

We work with businesses and software modernization teams to transform legacy platforms into modern, functional applications that meet the needs of today’s market including Mobile, Cloud, IoT, API, and Microservices using agile software development processes.


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Custom Software Solutions

We are an extension of your team. You can count on the same level of dedication and attention to detail you’ve come to expect from employees of your company.

At Mantrax we follow an Agile Software Development Methodology. This proven method ensures timely, stress-free, cost-effective delivery of software projects. We can explore other methods based on your unique needs, however, our track record of successful projects has been best achieved using Agile software development.

Our development process provides you with bi-weekly updates and real product demos with our developers where you can see our progress and provides feedback at a regular cadence. You’ll be confident in the success of the project as you have an opportunity to provide early feedback on designs, wireframes, and prototypes.

Complete Custom Software Development Services


  • New Product/Service Development
  • Web Development
  • Subscription Based Services
  • Marketplace Apps
  • Payment Gateway Setup
  • Mobile Applications
  • Hybrid
  • Native
  • PWA
  • Application Modernization


  • Backoffice Software Applications
  • API Development
  • Monitoring and Optimization
  • Disaster Recovery & High Availability (DR/HA)
  • Integration Services
  • Migrations and Upgrades


  • Data Architecture
  • Database Design
  • Performance Tuning
  • Process Monitoring
  • MDM and Governance


  • Cloud Architecture Design
  • Cloud Native Development
  • Subscription Based Services
  • Infrastructure Setup (Terraform, Ansible)
  • Cloud Migrations
  • Usage Monitoring

Custom Software Development with Agile Development Process

Agile Digital Transformation Partner

Technology can be a huge competitive advantage, but not all custom software development services are created equal. At Mantrax Software Solutions, our agile development team goes above and beyond to help you access the enterprise software you deserve. From CRM application development to custom e-commerce platforms and marketplace apps, taking things to the next level has never been easier.

Our adept developers provide real estate CRM software development services as well as other custom software applications. Does your online software or customer-facing portal need a facelift? From dynamic payment gateway setup to full-scale subscription service support, our team will support your company from startup through maturity. That includes all versions of mobile apps from progressive to hybrid to native.

Custom Software Tailored to Your Requirements

If your business still relies on legacy systems for important processes, it might be time to update things. At Mantrax, we can help. Our team specializes in cloud migrations, custom enterprise software development, application modernization, and other digital transformation services.

Leveraging usage monitoring and infrastructure setup tools like Terraform and Ansible, we use cloud technology to position you for scalability while our industry-leading business intelligence services help you feed, monitor, and improve your KPI funnels.

The best part? We do this without negatively impacting the daily operations of your company, the journey of your customers, or your short-term profitability.

Talented Developers, Skilled in Over 20 Industry Leading Technologies

MS SQL Server/Azure SQL
Oracle Database Development
Cosmos DB
Amazon DynamoDB
In-memory Databases

You Can Count on Us

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Streamline back office services and improve data management

Backend development includes modernizing your applications from the inside out. We provide a diverse array of services to support your digital transformation, including:

API Development
Migration & Upgrades
Disaster Recovery

If your data architecture, or lack thereof, is holding your business back, our team can monitor your system and provide performance tuning for everything from SQL code to C# and every product that underpins your business transactions.

Complete Custom Software Development: From Strategy to Launch

Our development process goes beyond software development, providing you with bi-weekly updates and real product demos with our developers where you can see our progress and provides feedback at a regular cadence. You’ll be confident in the success of the project as you have an opportunity to provide early feedback on designs, wireframes, and prototypes.

Discovery Call

An initial discussion with one of our seasoned Solution Architects to understand your requirements, urgency of the problem and long term goals.


We perform a detailed assessment of your current system to understand the pain points and your dependency on them. This will enable us to come up with an optimal project plan for the application modernization process. During our assessment phase we will identify and document mission-critical business processes.

Statement of Work

When you’re confident with the high level recommendation, we create a detailed statement of work outlining the granular and prioritized functional requirements, solution design and technology stack recommendations, project plan and other critical components of the project.

Project Setup

At the start of the project, a dedicated team is assigned to your project, including a single point of contact that will work with you to coordinate all discussions, questions and deliverables. We provide you with access to project management tools, code repository and all the other tools we use so you have full visibility.

Agile Development

Our software development process strictly follows the Agile Methodology. We believe that a good software system is a result of excellent development practices coupled with continuous collaboration between us and the client. We thrive to deliver working software every two weeks (we call these two weeks a ‘sprint’). You have full visibility to the progress


We work hand-in-hand with you to launch your new digital product, including a pilot launch before the full application is released to ensure all critical bugs are identified and fixed.


With our Build, Operate and Transition model, our goal is to fully transition the system to the client’s team. If required, our team is available to provide the necessary post-launch support.

Custom Software Satisfied Customers

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I worked with Chinkal for several months when my company was merged with another. We had a tight timetable to establish strategy, business process and account distribution and optimization. Chinkal was instrumental in keeping us focused and on track to be ready for the transition. Her exceptional analytical skills helped us to develop and execute a robust plan and supporting materials.

Maria Handley

My experience with all the three previous developers was not good at all and I had given up as I came to conclusion that there was no way for these people could complete and deploy my project within the time/budget constraints. As last (and final) try, I tried Mantrax Solutions and they have been working on my project since October 2021. Without any exaggeration, all of the work they so far completed has been to my complete satisfaction – all of sprints were completed on time as planned and deployed successfully one time.

Founder, Custom CRM Application

Our Agile Development Processes Is Committed to Success

Our flexible, 100% agile development process has been designed to maximize the efficiency of your custom mobile app development process. Our work is further supported by an industry-leading 100% agile software development process.

Agile Development Process

Feel Confident with Our Best-in-Class Warranty

We stand behind our work with our industry-leading ONE-YEAR warranty. We provide you with unlimited bug fixes for anything we’ve built to support your business goals. Our rigorous test-driven approach ensures your software solution will meet your performance requirements.