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Legacy Software Modernization

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape there’s an often underestimated and yet crucial aspect of the software realm – legacy software systems. These systems, built on foundations of your business and have played an instrumental role in shaping your digital infrastructure. As we navigate the intricate interplay between the old and the new, this page is dedicated to exploring the nuances, challenges, and strategies associated with legacy software modernization.


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Legacy Software Modernization with Agile Methodologies

We’re more than a software development team. We’re your agile digital transformation partner.

Legacy systems are the backbone of many enterprises, but they’re holding businesses back from leveraging new digital technologies like mobile, and cloud that are required for creating modern experiences.


An initial discussion with one of our seasoned Solution Architects to understand your requirements, urgency of the problem and long term goals.


We perform a detailed assessment of your current system to understand the pain points and your dependency on them. This will enable us to come up with an optimal project plan for the application modernization process. During our assessment phase we will identify and document mission-critical business processes.

Statement of Work

When you’re confident with the high level recommendation, we create a detailed statement of work outlining the granular and prioritized functional requirements, solution design and technology stack recommendations, project plan and other critical components of the project.

Project Setup

At the start of the project, a dedicated team is assigned to your project, including a single point of contact that will work with you to coordinate all discussions, questions and deliverables. We provide you with access to project management tools, code repository and all the other tools we use so you have full visibility.

Agile Development

Our software development process strictly follows the Agile Methodology. We believe that a good software system is a result of excellent development practices coupled with continuous collaboration between us and the client. We thrive to deliver working software every two weeks (we call these two weeks a ‘sprint’). You have full visibility to the progress


We work hand-in-hand with you to launch your new digital product, including a pilot launch before the full application is released to ensure all critical bugs are identified and fixed.


With our Build, Operate and Transition model, our goal is to fully transition the system to the client’s team. If required, our team is available to provide the necessary post-launch support.

Legacy Software Modernization Approach

Our development process goes beyond software development, providing you with bi-weekly updates and real product demos with our developers where you can see our progress and provides feedback at a regular cadence. You’ll be confident in the success of the project as you have an opportunity to provide early feedback on designs, wireframes, and prototypes.

Legacy Software Modernization Decision Making Process

Software modernization is becoming a more common part of every businesses’ digital transformation strategy.

To meet the needs of scalability and to remain competitive in a rapidly changing market, businesses like yours need to stay on top of the latest technology and trends.

One way organizations are making this happen is through software modernization.

We bridge the gap between legacy software and up-to-date modern solutions, enabling your organization to streamline processes, boost customer satisfaction, and manage data more effectively, ensuring performance and scalability for future growth.

Our process also provides cost savings through improved efficiency, better collaboration with external partners, and faster out-of-the-box deployment.

By taking advantage of our field-tested software modernization strategy and structured decision-making process, your business can save time while driving success in your digital transformation journey.

Legacy Software Modernization Strategy

Mantrax Flow Chart - Legacy Software Modernization Strategy

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