Post-Launch Support

Mantrax champions a holistic ‘design, build, transfer, and sustain’ approach. Beyond the launch, we remain steadfast partners, delivering unwavering support, maintenance, and future enhancements. Explore the contours of our robust support model outlined below:

Flexible Support Engagements

Trust knows no time zone, and our support echoes this sentiment, operating 24/7/365. Tailored Service Level Agreements (SLAs) cater to diverse needs, while our adaptability extends to aligning with the exacting requirements of the organization’s unique demands.

Uninterrupted Uptime Assurance

While we don’t host applications directly, we empower your choice of hosting solution. Uptime guarantees rest on the hosting solution chosen. Notably, eminent public clouds assure remarkable uptime averages of 99.999999% for most resources. Consider Azure App Service – an optimal guarantee, translating to just 4.38 hours of annual downtime.

Annual Preventative Maintenance

Our commitment extends to monthly maintenance for all production systems. This encompasses vigilant log monitoring to neutralize potential threats, updates to fortify functionality, meticulous data collection for informed decisions, and avenues to achieve operational excellence.

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As your business embarks on its innovation journey, the selection of a development partner becomes pivotal. Mantrax’s Development Boosting services aren’t just about delivering solutions; they encompass a comprehensive approach that encapsulates empowerment, collaboration, and transformative growth. Our embrace of Agile methodology ignites project acceleration, our dedication to white-label solutions ensures brand continuity, and our reservoir of expertise enriches your in-house capabilities.

Our services empower your team, expedite timelines, and foster a culture of agile collaboration. Together, let’s harness the potential of innovation, redefine the possibilities, and craft a new narrative of success on your business’s voyage. Book a Discovery Call today to get started.