Software Application Modernization – How to make the most of your efforts

In the pursuit of progress, our technological systems are constantly evolving. Older software needs to be up to speed with the flexibility and agility of newer applications. Software application modernization is ideal when your legacy software is suffering from symptoms of slow processes, security risks, competition, and decreased user satisfaction.

The beauty of innovation is that it constantly improves obsolete methods of operations while also fostering growth for your long-term success.  Legacy software that’s “stable and works”, isn’t enough. If you want your company to thrive in the face of rising competition and growing customer expectations, you need to modernize your software.

Modernization can lead to better functionality, reduced costs, improved security, and high-performance features.

What is Software Application Modernization?

The term “software application modernization” refers to the process of modernizing your legacy systems to integrate new features and utilize new functional capabilities. Modernization of legacy software may involve restructuring code, enhancing the architecture, or improving usability. If you’re curious about what your application may need, take a look at our application modernization breakdown.

  • Rehosting – This process entails migrating your current application from an outdated space into a new ecosystem (typically, a migration to the cloud). Rehosting is also known as a lift and shift, and it is exactly that, i.e., the process of lifting your application from where it is today and shifting it to the cloud.
  • Encapsulation – This process involves capturing all the features of your application and logically grouping them and extending them wherever possible. The data and the functions are then packaged as services with an API.
  • Refactoring – This aspect of modernization involves the optimization and restructuring of your current code to create better functionality and remove outdated features.
  • Re-platforming – To re-platform your software, only small changes are made to the code, and the new system is migrated to the cloud or another RTE (runtime environment).
  • Rebuilding – The process of rebuilding means the application will be rebuilt from the ground up. However, the heart of your applications’ functions, data, purpose, and design will remain the same.
  • Replacing – This involves removing the application and replacing it with completely new software with the same feature set as your legacy software application.
  • Rearchitecting – This form of modernization involves modifying the code’s structure and creating a new application architecture to promote improved functionality.

How Does Software Application Modernization Work?

Software application modernization may seem like a big step. But to maintain and exceed industry standards, it’s necessary.  You need to have a proper application modernization roadmap from a company that specializes in software product modernization. With the help of industry professionals, you can narrow down what your application needs to revamp and renew its outdated operation. To evaluate the best route to take, you would have to assess six main factors:

  • Your legacy applications’ compatibility
  • Usability
  • Agility
  • Complexity
  • Security
  • Expense

If any of these criteria is impacted, it’s time to modernize.

Why Do You Need Modernization?

If you’re receiving user complaints about your application’s speed, features, and compatibility while spending more time, resources, and costs on software maintenance, then you need to contact Mantrax about legacy application modernization. Mantrax can help you achieve the benefits of modernization. Such as:

  • Reduction of your overhead with lower maintenance costs
  • Your systems will have increased agility
  • You will be able to utilize advanced digital technologies
  • You will be better suited to meet and exceed business demands
  • Improved security and reduced vulnerability to cybersecurity threats
  • Superior features, usability, and performance
  • Improved client satisfaction

Put Your Software Application Modernization into the Hands of Experts

Mantrax Software Solutions is a premier software development company based in Toronto. Our mission is to use our industry expertise and agile software approach to provide you with software solutions tailored to your needs.

We offer the best of both worlds in business and technology to deliver the innovation your organization needs to thrive.

Book a discovery call today to connect with our software solutions specialists to learn more about software application modernization and how it can revolutionize your systems. We would love to help update your legacy systems for the future.

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