Why Choose Mantrax as

Your Software Development Partner

We’ve learned through experience that the leaders we work with are constantly balancing multiple priorities. They don’t have extra time to manage another project. As your trusted partner, we become a valued extension of your team providing you with the software development resources to accomplish your most ambitious goals.

A Team Dedicated to Making Your Idea a Reality

We invest the necessary time to develop a deep understanding of the problem you are trying to solve or the opportunity you’ve identified to grow your company. You’ll have access to a team of business consultants and technical experts who come together to map out possible solutions that meet your business objectives. You’ll be proud to own a final product that scales effortlessly as you grow your business.

Source High-Quality Talent at the Right Cost

As a proudly Canadian company, we focus on working with local developers. To help you develop the best product at the right cost, we also have a hybrid resourcing model. You can work with a combination of local tech talent and offshore resources. The choice is entirely up to you. Whatever your decision, you can be sure we will deliver a high-quality product within your budget.

A Process Designed to Deliver the Results You Expect

We are driven to meet your expectations. Our Agile software development process provides transparency, and peace of mind. We hold ourselves accountable for delivering on time and within budget. At the beginning of your project, we will work together to define the features for a minimum viable product (MVP). We will then work quickly to provide you with the MVP, seeking feedback through the entire development process. Every two weeks you have an opportunity to participate in product demos of your software.


Feel Confident with
Our Best-in-Class Warranty

We stand behind our work with our industry-leading ONE-YEAR warranty. We provide you with unlimited bug fixes for anything we’ve built to support your business goals. Our rigorous test-driven approach ensures your software solution will meet your performance requirements.


Mantrax is a custom software development firm helping companies unlock their full business potential. A trusted in-house team of business consultants and technical experts working together to create digital solutions allowing leaders to focus on their day-to-day priorities while growing their business.

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